Facebook Policy

The Personal Data Administrator is:
TRANSMAG R.S. Mularczyk Sp. J. Company, ul. Pilotów 6, Bogucin; 62-006 Kobylnica, Poland.
You can contact us via telephone: +48 61 8150443 or via e-mail: rodo@transmag.pl

General scope:
Information provided below have been written for Facebook users, in particular for our fan page’s fans in order to share information on the subject of Personal Data collection, reasons of processing such data, and rights the users have.
Any activity of our fan page is pursuant with the requirements contained in the Terms and Conditions of Facebook.
We remind you that the policy of our fan page may differ from the content of other entities’ fan pages on Facebook.
These clauses may change however, they will not violate the basic principles of keeping Facebook users’ privacy and safety rules.
Any information contained on your profile, as well as activities resulting from using it are administrated directly by Facebook.
Our company administrates your data solely for the needs of responding to your queries, commenting on posts, and communicating with users under activity run by us and contents shared by us.
Personal Data – information on processing:
Through the functioning of our fan page, we collect and process the following types of Personal Data:
Facebook ID (usually contains name and surname, which is not verified by us in any way in order to confirm the authenticity of data);
profile photo (thanks to which in certain cases we are able to meet your appearance);
other photos (which can also present appearance) resulting from the fan page – user relationship. Submitting pictures under our posts is voluntary on your part.
the contents of your comments and contents of conversations carried out through the Messenger applications (thanks to which we can learn about your e-mail address, telephone number, and description that you included in relation to circumstances of our correspondence).
Personal Data collected through communication with users are processed only for the needs of providing answers if such necessity arises.
Your activity related to the use of our fan page will not be archived outside of Facebook.
Legal bases appropriate to process Personal Data are:
Art. 6, par. 1, let. a of the GDPR that you expressing by addressing a query to us.
Art. 6, par. 1, let. b of the GDPR if our relationship with you concerns the possibility of/will to conclude a partnership and determine its conditions. For example, the user’s will to use services that we run in relation to the performed business activity.
Art. 6, par. 1, let. f of the GDPR if our relationship with you concerns interests other than the ones provided in point above.
Information about users that we possess in private messages will be stored for the duration of providing answers to your queries or until the partnership is terminated.
In case of information that we possess under comments shared by you, they will be available on our fan page until the author deletes them.
Your Personal Data are collected by Facebook i.e. history of posts, history of activity in the Messenger app, history of activity through the Instagram app are subject to retention under rules determined by Terms and Conditions of Facebook.
Each user has the following rights in the scope of Personal Data:
access the contents of his/her data,
right to acquire a copy of data (if possible),
right to correct data,
right to delete data,
right to restrict the processing of data,
right to object the processing of data,
right to transfer data (if possible).
If you find any violations regarding the safety of processing the said data on our part, there is a possibility to submit a claim to the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.
In case of requests regarding appearance we ask you to indicate a specific photo.
Relationship between our company and user are completely voluntary.
We do not profile your Personal Data.

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