Warehouse racks

The presented warehouse racks are fully modular and have no welded connections. Such structure ensures the full ability to change configuration or adjust it to current needs during use.

The modernised elements of racking systems remain fully compatible with previously manufactured elements, even from many years ago. Thanks to such solution, we can provide the easiness of expansion and service regardless of the system’s age.

We offer racks manufactured by POLYPAL, a renowned manufacture with over 45 years of experience. Many types of warehouse racks, types of profiles and bolts along with rich offer of accessories enables a precise selection of the system depending on the load and service method.

Without welded connections. Easy to change configuration.

Backwards compatibility of system elements.

Design of optimal rack arrangement and help with system selection

Individual solution for unusual loads or storage problems

Annual expert inspections according to the provisions in force

Pallet racks

Pallet rack is the most popular and simultaneously the most universal type of warehouse racks. It is designed to storage products with various characteristics stacked on pallets or in containers.

✔ FIFO (First In, First Out)

✔️ Many types of poles and beams

✔️ Broad range of applications

Shelf racks

Shelf rack is intended to store light and medium loads. It provides easiness of completion of visual evaluation of reserves.

✔️ Direct access to each shelf

✔️ Various types of shelves and numerous additional accessories

✔ Easy to configure

Pallet live storage

The pallet live storage is based on a static load bearing structure (appropriately chosen system of frame racks) and roller tracks, which provide a gravitational and controlled flow of loads. It is also often defined as the PALLET FLOW system.

✔ Maximum use of space

✔️ Manufacture both in FIFO and LIFO version

✔️ Fast moving products

Carton flow racks

Carton flow racks for manual loading is intended to store non-palletised load units, most often containers, boxes, and carton boxes, and operated manually. It is based on a static load bearing structure equipped with roller shelves. It is also often defined as CARTON FLOW.

✔ FIFO (First In, First Out)

✔ Operated manually

✔️ Easy completion

Special racks

Special racks enable in particular the storage of unusual loads that quite often do not allow for a traditional storage method.

Main features

✔ Specialised accessories

✔️ Unusual loads

✔️ Individual design

Drive-In racks

Drive-In rack allows to use the advantages of high stacking and matching loads into blocks. The minimisation of transport roads for carts enables the increase of warehouse’s capacity by 60% to 80% in relation to frame pallet racks.

✔️ Locked stacking

✔️ Uniform loads

✔ Good utilisation of warehouse’s surface


A system of mezzanines allows for a full, multi-level utilisation of height of a room, in which it has been installed. Very often it is used to use the cubage above the completion zones.

✔ Utilisation of warehouse’s height

✔ Self-carrying workmanship

✔️ Mounted on the structure of racks

Cantilever racking

Cantilever rack is intended to store long products and loads with unusual dimensions.

✔ Long loads

✔️ FIFO (First In, First Out)

✔️ Uni- and bi-lateral workmanship

Why us?


We give you access to engineering team with over 30 years of experience that is supported by partnership with world renowned component manufacturers.

Individual solutions

We specialise in individual project with respect to the specificity of loads, conducted operations, interaction with machinery, or spatial conditions.


We provide a warranty and post-warranty service, as well as modernisation and renovation if such necessity arises.


We provide a professional consulting during the whole duration of utilising delivered devices.

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