Vertical conveyors - Elevators

A vertical transporter (vertical conveyor) acts as a freight elevator and is intended for transporting loads between various levels of transport routes.

However, unlike a freight elevator, the conveyor constitutes as an integral part of a transport line and provides an automated loading and unloading of products.

Vertical and horizontal movement

Elevators combine vertical and horizontal movement of a load. By placing a subsequent element, e.g. roller or chain conveyor, at the top of elevator carriage it is possible to make a motion towards the direction of specific operating levels of the system.




Vertical movement is carried out depending on the specificity of a given project: using pneumatic or hydraulic actuators or through chain or belt gearboxes.

Vertical conveyor with shelf – Paternoster

Vertical shelf conveyors are equipped with shelves, which constantly circulate between specific levels of the installation along with transported load. This simple solution allows the constant operation of a line, which transport loads with small dimensions between various levels of the installation.

Transported loads

Elevators can be designed to vertically transport both pallets of loads and single parts or products with specific dimensions.


Conveyor can be equipped with an individual or integrated control system that provides automated co-operation both with various elements of the line and other production cycle devices and machinery.


The structure of a vertical conveyor is designed individually and strictly depends on the parameters of transported load and required functionality (number of levels and type of motion).
Available structure finishes: powder painting, zinc plating


We know that certain tasks require an inventive approach and even in such situation we can find a solution. The originality of our solutions is confirmed by received patents.


We use only components from verified and renowned suppliers such as Interroll, Rollven, Peco, Nord, SEW, IFM, Siemens, Metal Work, Habasit Renolds to manufacture transporters.
In cases requiring special solutions we manufacture the said solutions individually and manufacture them in our production facility.

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We give you access to engineering team with over 30 years of experience that is supported by partnership with world renowned component manufacturers.

Individual solutions

We specialise in individual project with respect to the specificity of loads, conducted operations, interaction with machinery, or spatial conditions.


We provide a warranty and post-warranty service, as well as modernisation and renovation if such necessity arises.


We provide a professional consulting during the whole duration of utilising delivered devices.

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