Annual expert inspections

According to the standard EN15635 currently in force and general safety requirements, each employer is obliged to provide the safe use of racking systems and conduct a thorough examination of the state of racks.

Racking systems require an expert inspection at least once every 12 months.

We carry out inspections for all types of racks.

Something more than a list of mechanical damages!

The purpose of expert annual inspection is to detect damaged system elements and evaluation of risk in order to determine repair actions. The damages are evaluated according to the measurement methodology and score based on the SEMA guidelines, rack manufacturers, and PN EN 15635. During an inspection, quite often the doubts of users performing their own regular internal inspections are explained.
The subject of evaluation is also the analysis of other aspects of warehouse operation (such as documentation, state of pallets and loads, accessories, service, etc.) in the light of the requirements of standard PN-EN 15635 constituting as a supplement for the mains structure of a racking system.
The presented score and consulting in the scope of solutions for users aims to prevent further damages and potential negative consequences for a company. Well planned and managed periodic inspections should help in the achievement and improvement of:

  • safety at the workplace,
  • impact of a malfunction and damages on the racking system,
  • fulfilment of the requirements of OHS provisions.

We offer you an expert service inspection that covers with its scope among others:

control of the correct use of a system, including compliance with documentation / manufacturer’s guidelines,
compliance with standards (nameplates, warehouse labelling, transport roads, load storage method, etc.),
control of the state of racks in terms of mechanical damages and preparation of a list of elements to be repaired,
measurement control of the racking system deviations,
completion of an inspection via a written protocol containing recommendations regarding the possibilities of improving the safety of racking system.

We use a clear labelling:

Mechanical damages are marked during an inspection with clear labels with date and colour of a risk.
Inspected racks are labelled with labels containing the date of next inspection.

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